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a man wearing a blue coat

Satinder Vij

Head Chef

Indian at heart and international in demeanor, an Indian Accent

alum Chef Satinder holds his culinary expertise up his sleeve. He is

passionate about creating globally inspired dishes crafted with

locally grown ingredients for healthy, simple and delicious cooking.

He loves sharing food-related stories, riddles and history.

Named as Master Chef: Next Generation in India, Chef Satinder has

been actively involved in helming GupShup & Chote Miya's kitchen. He has

grasped the fine nuances of Indian Cuisines and blends it beautifully

with international flavors. Adept in adding an Indian twist to the

American palate and with a sound understanding of flavors, he has

also designed the innovative and invigorating menu for the

American Tandoor in Virginia.  His welcoming conduct and pleasing personality

are just an add-on to the delectable cuisines he brings to the table.