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From Bombay to Big Apple !

Bombay and the era of romance.

A time when Bombay & New York had an international love affair, from fans of Sachin to fans of Sinatra, from the suited brokers of Dalal Street to those on Wall Street. The prohibition, when don's started smuggling bottles of Vat 69 whiskey, to the angry young man who got off the streets and as heroes onto the big screens. The two metropolis on two sides of the world have had this passionate love affair that is still kindling.

GupShup brings a piece of that romance and nostalgia from Bombay to the Big Apple.


Sher Khan

Hand painted Tiger by Sonny Sundancer.

Ayesha on Marine Drive

Justice for all women around the world, let the movement change you!

You can wear what you want, sit how you want and be who you want. Have an open mind, she's more than a pretty face, she is confident in who she is. She's a Boss.

By Karishma Naran

Dabbawala wall

a 2-story, 3000 tiffin homage to the Incredible Dabbawalas of Bombay

Our Team